ireland_euStep for Step:
“Complaint against the Irish Authority in Brussels”

Unfortunately we had to experience that the Irish authority does not process complaints brought before it concerning access requests at Facebook. Users are turned down using a standard reply (see this response by the authority).
Worldwide more than 40,000 Facebook users are currently waiting for a copy of all their data. We were very disappointed that the the first report by the Irish DPC asks Facebook to only give access to only 39 of about 84 data categories they hold about every user. The additional data will only be displayed all over facebook.com but will not be delivered to the user in the raw format. This means the user has to hunt all over the page to get access to this very limited amount of personal data.

Despite the legal obligation to deliver all data within 40 days, Facebook got an exemption and may not deliver any data until July 2012. There is no legal basis for this “special treatment”, all this is happening outside of the legal framework. In addition there will be no penalties or consequences for Facebook for not sticking to the law, despite the fact that EU legislation calls for sufficient sanctions.

We are very much interested in a constructive and effective proceeding before the Irish DPC and have therefore tried to avoid any confrontation. Following many e-mails by users that did not know what to do, we have now decided to deliver the complaint forms below so that users can take all necessary steps to ensure that their rights are respected We hope that the European Commission will take on this issue and that this will deliver a positive result.



How to file a complaint.

1. Have you already made a complaint at the Irish Data Protection Commission?
You can only file a complaint with the European Commission if you have previously sent a complaint to the Irish authority. If you have not yet sent a complaint to the Irish authority you may want to do so now. Here is how you file a complaint with the Irish authority.


2. Send the form to the European Commission
The complaint to the European Commission can be done in any form.
You can sent the form via regular mail or e-mail!

    A. Standard Forms
    We have prepared a standard form to make the complaints as easy as possible for you to fill out:

    Forms to fill out on your PC...

    Forms to print and scan...



    Word (.docx)

    Word (.docx)


    Word (.doc)


    B. Attach a copy of the response by the Irish authority
    You can print, attach the response of the Irish authority to your complaint.
    You can also just copy/paste it into your e-mail.

    C. Addresses
    You can send the complaint via regular mail (address on the form) or you can
    send it via e-mail to SG-PLAINTES@ec.europa.eu (attach the form and the answer by the Irish authority).

    note NOTE: We would ask you to send us a quick e-mail when you filed a complaint, so that we have a rough idea about the number of complaints that were filed! e-mail: eu@europe-v-facebook.org